Free People French Courtship Slip Review


gown 003a

While not strictly lingerie, a full see through lace dress does seem more traditional in the boudoir than on the streets of your local town. However, inner wear as outerwear trends as well as fashion inspired by lingerie is on the rise. A few months ago, I purchased a Free People French Courtship Slip that would be at home as much in my lingerie collection as it would be among my dresses.

The Free People slip I purchased is a size M – thank goodness for stretch lace. I purchased it at Spank Clothing in Vancouver, BC. While I am very pleased I ended up purchasing the slip (for just shy of $100). I am less pleased with the honesty of the staff working at the store. I asked for the slip in a size large. After some time, while I tried on this slip and a few other things, I was informed that medium was the largest size this slip was made in. Ya. right. Free People themselves sell the slip in many different colours in a size large. Anyway, I ended up purchasing the slip. The fit is perfect through the waist and with the free flowing skirt, my hips fit beautifully. The reason I wanted a large is because of the bust: it is tight. it pulls away from the arm pits and causes a gap that I am pretty sure should not be there. Yet, this is one of those times I chose aesthetic over fit and bought the slip anyway.

The slip features one layer of black stretch lace from the waist up, and two layers on the skirt. The back is a low scoop that hits me about mid-back thus limiting what I can pair with the slip. The front-center of the slip is odd. The skirt comes up to a point just above my belly button. When I wear a bathing suit with it, the v of the swimsuit bottom and the v of the slip seams make sort of a diamond in front. It is rather quirky and you probably would not notice it as much if you were not in the habit of pairing it with a swimsuit or bodysuit.

Around my personal chamber, I like to wear the slip while going commando. The see-through fabric gives glimpses of delicate bits of flesh. The lace is very soft against my skin so there is no irritation to speak of. Since this purchase, I have bought an additional dress by Free People just because their lace is so extraordinarily soft. When I go out, either I dawn a slip underneath the slip or I just put on a swimsuit. The very first time I wore my Free People slip out, it was with my Black Milk Cathulu swimsuit, which I am wearing in these pictures. I wore it to my Chaucer class at 8:30 am and enjoyed the glassy-eyed stares of my sleepy classmates. My favourite features of this slip include the lace hem at the bottom of the slip, and the funky structure of the entire piece. The slip is longer in the front and back, shorter on the sides, and the two layers of skirt do not match up for length. It is different from any other slip I have seen. At first, I really didn’t like the seam running up the front of the slip but I have come to love the symmetry it offers. The best thing about this slip as outerwear is: your outfit totally changes depending on what you put underneath. The possibilities are nearly endless.

My only issue with this little piece is sizing. The medium just does not fit my bust. However, would the size large have been far too loose at the waist? I am still quite happy with my purchase and very thankful that stretch lace is so forgiving.

If you want this slip, then hurry over to the Gilt sale and pick up either the French Courtship Slip Dress in red for around $72 or you can buy the slip from Free People themselves in many different colours for $98 US.

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