Purrfect Pineapples Pink + Blue Bunnies Soft Cup Bra Review


pics 010Purrfect Pineapples has been on my wish list for years: ever since I first ran across the company. For my birthday this year, I decided finally to buy myself one of their stunning soft cup bras. I ordered the Pink + Blue Bunnies Soft Cup Bra in a custom size: 36E. To order, I emailed the company owner with my request and we communicated back and forth. Erika requested my underbust and bust measurements and I sent her pictures of myself in my Claudette bra as well as an unsupportive camisole. Purrfect Pineapples only charges a $5 fee for custom bra orders outside their usual 34A – 38D range, which is very reasonable given the extra fabric required for extra cup sizes. Erika also uses thicker straps for larger sizes, which not only increases comfort and support, but is also another reason for the surcharge.

pics 007pics 006The Pink + Blue Bunnies bra is the epitome of cuteness. I chose it for the adorable bunnies print on the cups and it certainly has not failed to please. While the colours on their website represent this as blue and pink, I would argue that the blue is much more of a teal or a greenish-blue at best. I know that colour is one of those subjective things because of light, spectrum, perception, etc… but I just cannot say that this is a blue and pink bra. It is green and pink. Seriously. Either way, I love the colour combination and the accents. White mesh and a white band are used for contrast; two different colours of pink ribbon are used on the cup which contrasts the pink lace accenting the cups. In fact, the upper lace has two layers with slightly different pink tones! A teal bow at the center of the bra really picks up the teal in the fabric itself.

The quality of this bra is remarkable and I expect it to be the most durable bra I own. The opaque cotton fabric is doubled: two layers. The white mesh on the upper part of the bra is also two layers thick. The band is over-laid with the white mesh so it is at least three layers thick: two layers of cotton, one layer of mesh. Then, stitched onto that are two thick – 2cm wide – elastics: one on the bottom of the band and one on the top. The hook and eye clasp has two rows with two columns. Every stress point looks to have reinforced stitching and, for the most part, the stitching is neat and tidy.

I appreciate the wider straps on the Purrfect Pineapples bra, but they are just borderline too wide for me. Borderline means I would love them in about an extra half inch, but it is not as if I am constantly pulling them back on my shoulders so all is well. The only criticism I really have is the thick seam running horizontal midway across the bra cup on the inside. It is the seam where the opaque fabric is stitched together with the mesh. I understand with two layers of cotton and two layers of mesh coming together that this seam is going to be large; however, depending on your breast shape and size it could be irritating. As you may notice, my breasts love to hang out at the sides so the seam really is not an issue for me.

pics 013As for fit, I find the band is very stiff. No wonder, given the three layers of fabric and thick elastics it comes with. I am still breaking it in right now, as it is a bit firm for me to wear for too long. I purchased this soft cup bra to lounge around the house in and to sleep in. It will just take some time for the band to loosen up. What really impresses me is how the bunnies bra keeps my breasts contained and keeps my breasts tissue from coming in contact with my chest. If my breasts rest against my chest then I risk breaking out in a heat rash. I really look forward to wearing this soft cup bra during the summer. This is really my first soft cup bra, so I cannot make a good judgement call on how supportive it is, but I personally feel contained and decently supported in it.

All Purrfect Pineapples products are cruelty free: both to animals and humans. They are hand made by Erika using products not derived from animals. While her website still says they are made in Toronto, Ontario, I am not sure this is current information as my bra was shipped in from Portland, Oregon. She has both an Etsy shop and a website. Her full selection is only on the Purrfect Pineapples website so check it out there and then email her if you need a custom size. I would love to get the matching bunny underwear sometime, and then pick up the White Heart Mesh w. Pink + Lilac Accents Soft Cup Bra when my budget allows.

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