Jonathan Aston Roulette Tights Review



I have had a long hate-hate relationship with tights. They never fit. They always tore. It was not until my trip to France a few years ago that I absolutely fell in love with tights. I wasn’t sure I would fit them: but the designs I saw while there drove me to give them another chance.

The store I purchased these Jonathan Aston Roulette Tights from is no longer up, which makes me incredibly sad, because Peek Brooklyn was becoming my go to place for tights. Does anyone know if they have a physical store anywhere? Aside from that, I purchased these tights on a whim because the pattern screamed “awesome” and they were on sale. thatphotoThey are a 8-20 denier sheer patterned tight. I waited for over a year before I ever took them out of their package because I was afraid of destroying them like I had done so many tights before. After consulting the weight/height chart on the back and confirming I was within the measurements suggested for the size I purchased (and repeating this step over several weeks like a paranoid coo-coo), I finally dawned the beauties.

The fit is excellent. They neither slowly migrate down while I wear them nor do they try to roll down from the band. I can put them on and frankly forget I am wearing them except for all the appreciative glances at my legs. I worship the sturdy brief style reinforced panty because it is so comfortable. The pattern is also incredible, there is no denying that. The top features faux garter straps down the front and back. Starting just above the knee you have the amazing roulette pattern that makes your legs look priceless. These Jonathan Aston tights are also super durable. My favourite pair of boots likes to rub along the inside of my right leg and has downright abused the tights right above my ankle and yet, the tight has not broken through. I have also worn these approximately a dozen times already and I am not the most gentle person in the world. I certainly would not hesitate to buy Jonathan Aston tights again!

If you are looking to purchase a pair for yourself, I admit they are a bit hard to find. However, you can pick them up at Bare Necessities UK for £16.50 (T/XT) or at Legs Love for 16 (S/M/L).

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