Soma Sensuous Lace Bra Review


photo 3The vast majority of my bra reviews come months (and I mean several months) after owning the product. While that might make it a bit harder for readers to find, it makes sure that I am giving you the best review of the item that I possibly can. Most bloggers I read note that bras often feel different after several wears. A bra that felt great the first few times can suddenly turn, or a bra that was a pain in the chest will turn into the best bra you ever owned. I have now owned the Soma Sensuous Lace Unlined Bra in both the ivory and the black for five months and can honestly say: I LOVE THESE BRAS.

photo 1I’m not sure I wanted to love these bras. They are frankly a couple of the most inexpensive bras I own and my mind always equates higher cost with higher quality. I also want to fall in love with indie brands that are struggling against “the man” but inevitably I cannot choose what works for my chest and what does not. Putting aside my dislike for mainstream brands and my desire for more ‘designer’ goods, the Soma Sensuous Lace bra is a beauty. The embroidery on the lace is absolutely stunning in a “this is so pretty I am going to die” sort of way. the band features three rows of eye/hook closers and the band thickness provides both comfort, firm support, and durability. The straps on the front of the bra come away from the sides so they rest at a very good place on my shoulders and provide additional support. However, the support they provide seems almost arbitrary given how incredibly supportive this bra is with its firm band, full coverage cup, industrial strength wires, and high center gore.

photo 3cLet us talk about shape and size. I wear a 36E in most all bras, which translates across to a 36DD in US brands (of which Soma is one). The Sensuous Lace bra runs small in the cup (but true in the band). I had to size up to a 36DDD and I would probably be about another 1/2 cup size up for the fit to be absolutely perfect. Currently it likes to flatten out my nipples which is the pointiest part of my breasts. Some women on Soma’s website have said that this is a minimizer bra, and I can see their point, yet I think it is just built for women with certain shapes of breasts. If you have shallow breasts where a lot of your breast tissue sits near your chest and you require wide wires, then this bra should be your golden egg. Personally, I could do with the wires in the sides being not quite as wide as it would encourage my breast tissue to move forward more, but that is a small quibble. This bra may be a full cup, but the top of the cup tapers in enough that women whose breasts are not full on top will have an easier time filling out the top part of the bra.

For me, the fit is brilliant. this Soma lace bra is one of the rare bras where my breast tissue actually rests against the bottom wire, where there is no sag or wrinkling at the top of the full cup, and where the straps do not cut in or offend my body in any way. The band is super supportive and in five months of good  wear, neither of these bras has shown any signs of deterioration.

photo 4dWhen I purchased these bras (at the Soma store in Seattle) I also purchased the matching Sensuous Lace Bikini in black and the Sensuous Lace High Leg Brief in ivory. While I am not fond of how just the front matches and the back is plain, the benefit is how well the bottom disappears underneath skirts and pants: almost like seamless underwear. Both pairs of underwear are comfortable, the large is generously sized for even my derriere, and I am thankful that they come without tags. My favourite would be the high leg briefs because they waist sits higher up on my stomach which is just super comfortable.

This bra has become my go to bra yet, it is not a push-up bra or a bra that shows off my cleavage. it is just a marvelously pretty, well-fitting, and supportive bra that makes me feel great to wear and fabulous to see in the mirror when I take my clothes off at night. I love it sooo much, I just couldn’t resist placing an order for a pink set a few days ago when I saw it on sale in my current size and found a coupon code for $20 off $60. I am really trying not to buy anymore lingerie right now, but this I just couldn’t resist.

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