Marie Jo Avero Bra Review


photo 5I purchased the Marie Joe Avero padded bra at Diane’s Lingerie in Vancouver during the same massive sale where I bought the Marlies Dekkers bra.  The Marie Joe bra has preformed foam cups with a balconnet line. Its straps are convertible into racer-back or halter top style, but they are not detachable from the front. Marie Joe sizing runs true in my experience so I purchased my usual 36E.

photo 1I actually have a lot of experience with the Marie Joe Avero line. It was the first bra I bought that ever cost over $40. It was also the first bra I bought after being professionally fitted and it was the first bra I bought upon my first ever visit to a lingerie boutique. The brand (and line) and I go way back. Back then I was supposedly a 36C and I would buy this bra in a slightly different profile (more of a heart shaped neckline). What first attracted me to the brand was the stunning floral straps of alternating flower colours and the subtle checkered pattern of the bra itself. In aesthetics, the Marie Jo wins hands down, and always has. I also know that the Avero line is very durable as I wore them for years (even past their expiry date), and they are made of quality materials that are super soft. I have always been impressed with the thickness of the material and the quality of the stitching. My local boutique did not carry above a D cup, so when my body changed and my Avero bras no longer fit in the size I use to buy: I went without. Fast forward four years and one province over. I was pretty much in shock that Diane’s had a Marie Jo Avero bra on sale for $20 during their massive sale – in a 36E to boot – so I snapped it up immediately. It is the most lovely blue – I would call it periwinkle – with white flowers as a contrast.

photo 3This bra is a different style than what I use to wear. This is a balconnet whereas my previous bra was a plunge convertible. I like the balconnet because it works well for women who are not full on the upper part of their breast. Especially with a molded cup, there is always the fear that the bra is going to be asking you to fill out space that you just do not have the tissue for. This is not the case with a balconnet. What I dislike about this style, and thus this bra, is how far apart the straps are. The straps rise up from the bra right at the crease in my arm which is annoying. I wish the strap was in about 1″ on either side. The strap distance isn’t just about aesthetic, or the discomfort of having the strap rub against the side of your armpit, it also influences support. While the band does support the majority of the breast’s weight… the straps are there to help out. The straps are out so far on the balconnet Marie Joe that they are pretty much supporting nothing. I do wear this bra on the second set of hooks in order to maintain support whereas I wear most my 36E bras on loosest set of hooks. On the loosest set of hooks it felt like my breasts were just “hanging out” in the bra without the bra really doing anything.

photo 2While I am complaining, I might as well get my one other tiny complaint out of the way. I am all for wide bra wires: I really need wide and shallow wires for my shape of breasts. However, these wires are a bit too wide. They need to come in about a half inch on each side. The cup would offer better support if they did. Despite this minor quibble, the cups fit really well. There is a little, but very little, unused space at the bottom of the cup.The top of the cup sits flush with my skin. The gore tacks both on the top and on the bottom. The bra gives a rounded look but it doesn’t push your breasts up or give them a “shelf-affect.” In my opinion the Marie Jo Avero is the perfect t-shirt bra because of the padded cups that give a smooth silhouette and the stunning straps that are perfect for showing off.  However, This is certainly not a cheap bra: regular price they run around $135 Canadian. Yet, if I can find the Avero style I use to wear that had the straps a bit closer together, then the Avero will once again be a staple in my wardrobe as the quality, beauty, and durability is worth it.

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