Will You Still Love Me Hosiery Black Milk Review


BMhosieryI picked up two pairs of these Will You Still Love Me Hosiery when they went limited at Black Milk. The pattern could be called ‘retro’ and indeed I have been complimented on my “60’s style” while wearing these tights. I actually find anything in my wardrobe being associated with the 60s mildly insulting; however, I understand that these tights will appeal to different people for different reasons. I love the mixed patterning on these tights: they are certainly a favourite of mine.photo 2

First of all let us talk sizing. Like all Black Milk hosiery, they are a one size fits all deal and, surprisingly, one size pretty much does fit all. At just over 5’3 with a 45″ hip circumference, my hosiery buying past is marked with innumerable pairs that never made it past my thighs. I think I average about a 90/10 ratio for what does and does not fit: with the 10% being what I can fit into (though ‘fit’ is a dubious term). These tights stretch to fit well and are comfortable to wear for hours without the “dying to rip them off” sensation kicking in. Not only that, I don’t feel like I am too short for them. Most nylons out there size by weight and height where the larger the size the taller they assume you are. That results in extra fabric in all the wrong areas. With this brand I don’t have that problem.

To say these tights are durable is an understatement: my god are they ever! I have worn them often. I have put them on with ragged nails. I have peeled them off in a rush and I have dawned them in haste. They have been wedged into the corner of my drawer and left on the floor for a week. They have even gone through the washing machine (but NOT the dryer). These tights are the reckless girl’s best friend.

The price also cannot be beat. Seriously, $25 AU for a pair of durable, rocking, “OMG your tights are awesome,” tights is pretty wicked. While these ones are now in the Black Milk museum, you can see the other hosiery they currently have. I want to get the Sporty Stripes Hosiery next.

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