Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris Bra Review


image (1)(Excuse the image quality, I am away from home without my DSLR for two months so these are complements of the mighty iPhone).

We all have designers that we dream of acquiring items from, be it clothing or lingerie. Recently I got to check a brand off my list: Marlies Dekkers. I purchased this bra during a “stars aligned and angels sang” moment when I stumbled upon the boutique Diane’s Lingerie in Vancouver just as they were having a massive sale. That sale included an entire rack of amazing bras discounted to just $20 each. I vaguely recall my husband saying something about seeing me in an hour or two.

photoI purchased the Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris Padded Push Up Bra in both a 36E and a 36D (the pictures in this post are all of the 36E). I bought both sizes because I think be best fit would have been half-way between them so both fit relatively well. There were a few noticeable differences beyond cup size: the straps on the 36E are wider and the cups come up higher on my body.

The fit on the 36E is good but not perfect. It fully encompasses my breasts, gives nice projection, and while the bra is padded I still feel like these are my own breasts. I really like the low gore: with side heavy breasts I do not need a high center. However, the cup is a bit too deep as the wire extends below the band. As I have a shallow breast root, my breasts do not fill out the very bottom ‘finger-width’ of the middle of the cup (approximately).  I swear I need a flat bottomed bra. Also, because of my high breast root I find the height of the cups pushes into my arm pit (material, not wire) which can be a bit irritating. Up there I do not have enough tissue to fill the very top of the cup so there is a bit of empty space which is hardly noticeable. With the Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris 36D, most of these problems are gone, but I trade them for the cup being too small with my breasts trying to escape out the top sides because my breasts are side heavy. However, the smaller size is excellent for extra cleavage.

image (4)No matter which size I am wearing, the bra is super comfortable. How comfortable you may ask? Well, when I was driving from Vancouver Island to Edmonton, I wore this as my day one traveling bra, with day one being 2 hours on a ferry, 8 1/2 hours of driving, and stops. I wear the Dekkers bra generally on the loosest hooks (I measure 36″ underbust) and I find the bra is a very true fit for me while other bras like Claudette have tighter bands. The other thing I really love about about the bra is the straps that rest on the top of your breast tissue and join the bra in between. I cannot help but think that they would look spectacular on someone with full-on-top breasts. The bra is the perfect companion to low cut tops so the straps can peak out. Last but not least, the colour – purple lace – is amazing and I only regret being unable to find matching underwear for the bra. I am sure the Dame De Paris Plunge Bra would look amazing in almost any colour and I know they also make a non-lace version as well which may do better as a ‘wardrobe staple’ if you subscribe to that sort of thing.

When I was looking up the name for this bra (I am suppose to remember that sort of thing?) I found it on sale at Figleaves for £23.60 (approximately $44) so if you are looking to add this bra to your wardrobe, check there.

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