Semi-Hiatus & Etsy Lingerie Wishlist

So my blog has been on semi-hiatus as I am on the final push to finish my BA in English – go me! I am fairly burnt out so what energy is not spent on my classes and homework is spent on avoiding my homework and collapsing. However, this does not mean I have forsaken the beautiful world of lingerie. Not a chance! This week is reading week where I am catching up on all the reading I was suppose to have already done. I also figured it was the perfect time to drop a post on my blog that is sadly dying (but that will, which much love after June, come back to life!).

So don’t expect me around much, but I will certainly post when I can.

Let’s kick start this year off with something simple: what I am drooling over on Etsy.

#1 Custom cashmere lingerie set – Econica ($136.46 CAN)


I am seriously freezing here. I just moved to a humid climate from a lifetime lived in a dry climate and my bones have never felt colder. I want this set to keep my delicates warm!


#2 Sheer Bodysuit – BullyBoyLingerie ($60 CAN)


This sheer bodysuit is just – perfect. I love the vertical lines that cross the nipples so much and I don’t know why but it makes it just perfect. This is one of those basics that should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

#3 Velvet Stretch Bodysuit – Long sleeve – BullyBoyLingere ($60 CAN)


Velvet is a favourite fabric of mine for lounging around in and I have a skater skirt that is the same colour as this bodysuit! I also have a strange love for long sleeve bodysuits so this one is checking all the boxes for me.

#4 Mint knee high socks – GreitaKnits ($93.75+ CAN)


Don’t tell me socks aren’t lingerie! They most certainly are. These ones are hand made and take over 18+ hours work. I love the pattern, the colour, and the warmth they promise my cold feet.

#5 fine wool bralette – sartoria ($52 CAN)


They do not make this in my cup size but if they did I would probably buy it. I own several wool skirts, a wool blanket, and have a general love affair with wool. I really like natural fabrics and this promises warmth and comfort.

#6 Rib Cage Harness – LMcK1 ($265.10 CAN)


This is the holy grail of my wishlist… the item that would make me fall down and kiss the feet of the giver (even if it was my own feet). I LOVE this body harness. I have looked through many harnesses by many designers and ever since I found this one I have been absolutely hooked! One day I will own this.

What are you drooling over on Etsy these days?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Windie says:

    I feel like you pulled this wishlist from my Etsy favourites page, haha. I want a good number of these items as well!


    1. Avigayil says:

      Fantastic! What else you have hanging around on your list? I LOVE Etsy. I could spend an absolute fortune on there.


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