Bunny Jump Review: Dr. Suess on my Caboose

seuess 003

I recently ordered a pair of Dr. Seuss underwear from the UK company Bunny Jump. I was on a mission to marry my geekness with my love for lingerie without going ‘camp’. They were out of stock of underwear I wanted (limited edition peeps!) but when I emailed the creator she said she had just enough fabric left to make one pair. I was sold!

Isn’t the fabric just adorable?? I LOVE these underwear! For aesthetic they get an absolute A+. The fabric is totally comfy and even the elastic which is just sewn into the inside doesn’t bother me. I love the gathered fabric as that really compliments more curvy figures. The fabric gives extra space where it is needed.

seuess 004The sizing is also generous. I have a 45″ low hip so I went with a size 16 UK. I seriously could fit a grapefruit between my hip and the stretchiest part of the undies at my hip. There is no threat of them falling off but I am so not use to my underwear not being tight. I might size down in the future because where the underwear sits on my body is actually only 40″.

Now, where the sizing failed for me was in rise. These undies are probably a normal rise for a girl with a normal size or even a relatively curvy butt. However, I have a very sizable derriere which makes these underwear about 1 inch too low. I did email Bridget from Bunny Jump and she said it would be no problem to make future orders with a higher rise (woohoo!) so in the future this problem should cease to exist. Unfortunately, this gorgeous fabric is no longer available. However, they do have a Cat in The Hat version available.

seuess 006

Bunny Jump is the perfect place for geekly underwear. The next pair on my wishlist is this adorable pair of Totoro Panties – so adorable! They only cost £15 and shipping is fairly reasonable too. 🙂

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