Eye on Etsy: Carousel Ink Leggings


il_570xN.414108176_dsssI am on a journey of rediscovery, though others might argue that we are constantly rediscovering ourselves and reaffirming our own identities. This is a process that never ends. I think that large changes in our lives can trigger more substantial personal journeys and my move from Alberta to British Columbia triggered this one. Part of that journey is fashion related: what clothes I put on my body, how I feel about those clothes, and how those clothes make me feel. I have recently fallen deeply in love with leggings and completely fallen out-of-love with jeans. I find jeans constricting and so ill-fitting after years of struggling to find ones that even pull on. I want clothing that hugs my body and embraces my figure instead of rejects it.il_570xN.485499486_7rnc


I forget how I ran across Carousel Ink, I just know I did. I saw a pair of leggings on Etsy and I clicked on the picture and I saw more leggings and I was instantly happy. Their sizing shows a lot of promise with their XL a 40-42+ hip. I am going to contact them and check if a 45″ hip will fit – I am hopeful.il_570xN.502061697_95k3

I like their whimsical and ‘Victorian’ designs. Some have a burlesque feel to them and others just have the aura of dreams and flights of fancy. I thought my favourite was the Filigree Art Nouveau Leggings. They remind me of dragonfly wings and actually the patterning on the De-Manta clutch by Alexander McQueen here. I think the patterns complement each other beautifully. Both represent the best kind of art: natural.

But, like I said… I thought they were my favourite. However, whenever my mind drifted back to Carousel Ink (last night and the night before) the image that popped into my mind was not of those leggings, but rather of these Hot Air Balloon Leggings in sage. There are so many things that represent childhood to me: clouds, lollypops, stuffed bears, and hot air balloons. It brings me back to a time before cares… before the weight of the world was firmly ensconced upon my brow. Or rather… it doesn’t bring me back to that time at all, because that time never existed for me. As a very aware child I did not have that pleasure outside of my fantasies. The leggings evoke those childhood fantasies of such an existence and the warmth those fantasies brought me.

These leggings are made of a 95% cotton/5% spandex blend. I think they would be fabulous for lounging around the house, layering under a tunic, or popping under a favourite skirt. Shipping is super reasonable too! They are on my wishlist. Unfortunately the Hot Air Balloon leggings in sage is sold out in my size, but I am considering getting it in ivory.

All images totally copyright of Carousel Ink!

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