Happy Socks Should Be Lingerie

3I’m not sure where socks got the short end of the stick, but why aren’t socks considered lingerie? I am speaking of your generic sock: not your lacy anklet or your sheer knee-highs or your thigh-high stay ups. Socks sort of serve the same function as bras and underwear. They fit close to your body and they generally act as a barrier between you and shoes. They also tend to be treated just as utilitarian: most people own black or white socks.

I vote for socks to be thought of and treated as lingerie. Something to buy for yourself and to have fun with. Something that makes you feel more comfortable in your own body.


2I never used to like socks. They were always white with a stripe of colour (sold in a six-pack) and I wore through them at an alarming rate. They were always so ugly – so nothing was great about socks in my mind. Then I ran into the company Happy Socks out of Sweden and they totally changed my view. Socks could be colourful, bright, interesting, and joy inducing! Happy Socks really seemed to see socks as a part of personal style and not something outside it. I promptly discarded my old socks (which were due to be replaced anyway) and loaded up on Happy Socks during a few sales. I now own around 60 pairs! My favourites are the ones with dots… I adore dots.

1My sock drawer is as important to me as my underwear drawer and my bra drawer. When I put on a matching lingerie set I smile and when I put on a marvelous pair of socks I also smile. They both make me feel really good.

What is in your sock drawer?

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