Review: Mimi Holliday Nonnettes Plunge Bra 36DD

1I write a lot of product reviews because I live off of them myself. If I cannot find a review for a brand’s fit I am usually despondent and worry more about my purchase. Mimi Holliday is one of the brands I found difficult to find reviews on when I made my purchases so I hope my reviews help others. I purchased the Mimi Holliday Nonnettes Plunge Bra (now sold out) in a 36DD from The Outnet. Since talking to a few other bloggers I realized that a 36DD from Mimi Holliday (because they are UK) is a cup size smaller than my normal ‘measured size’ (36E UK) but I thought it might work for me because of the shape of my breasts (and also because an other Mimi Holliday in a 36DD I own fits well). lets go for a refresher: side heavy, high root, shallow on top.
The fit of this bra is different than my Mimi shoulder bra – and thus is not a perfect fit. If I spend time swooshing and sweeping my breasts into place the cup does overflow a tiny bit. Though, while wearing  the bra during the day my breast tissue settles into a more normal, less ‘swooshed’ place and the cup feels just fine. Where you really notice the ‘lack of fit’ is in the gore: it does not tack (see below picture). I can stick a finger between my skin and the gore. If I push the gore against my skin it gives my breasts a slight ‘muffin-top’ syndrome. That means the cup’s are too small (should have gone with a E.. woops!). I do love that it has a really low gore though.

2With wearing this cup size smaller my breast tissue reaches the very bottom of the cup and there is no space in between the wire and the breast (which is really nice). The Mimi Holliday wires are nice and wide which works well for my shape. They do not come up on the side very high so I do not get any wires poking: another major plus. A slight minus is that the fabric itself does not come up high enough on the sides so I am missing support on the upper region of my side heavy breasts. I think this leads to my breast tissue escaping the bra throughout the day which is sort of another minus for me. However, both those issues might be solved if I went up a cup size. Another minus with the bra is that the top of the cup is pretty thick and it shows through thinner shirts – you sort of have a ridge. This is because the bra is padded (two layers of fabric not including the lace) and it doesn’t go thin enough at the top. I personally do not care if people can see the outline of my bra but this could be a major no-no for some people.

4The band is looser than my Claudette 36 bands but I hesitate to go down a size because there are four hooks so I can tighten it as I need. However, I am currently on hook 2-3/4 after only a couple months of wear. The band is also not very wide (only 1 hook columns!) which you will notice in the support area. I really wish it was at-least a two column as I really feel the band could do better at supporting my chest. In this picture I am on the third of four hooks and I can pull the gore that far away from my body with ease.
Overall, I am very happy with the shape this bra gives me. while I love the ‘honesty’ of my Claudette bras, there is nothing like the added oomph of a plunge bra. This bra gives your breasts a good lift and good shape while your breasts are still ‘yours’. This bra doesn’t give do a while lot in the way of cleavage of you are top shallow as it still keeps your breasts fairly separate. I have one bra (yet to be reviewed) that has so much padding it feels like my breasts are aliens. I am really dying for a good push-up bra right now and this one is the best I have found so far. My breasts look nice (top photo!). Esthetically, this bra is absolutely beautiful with the lace overlay and the colour combination. It is also very comfortable to wear! The inside material that is against the breasts is SO incredibly soft!

5A little word of caution: NEVER wash your Mimi Holliday bras in the washing machine EVEN if you are using a lingerie bag on the delicate cycle. It totally wrecks the elastic in the bra – which unfortunately I did to this bra. 😦 The bra is still wearable but it certainly is less supportive.

Would I buy this bra again? Absolutely: if they start making it with 2 column hooks instead of one. This was an older style and I have heard rumors that their newer ones do have this modification, so I am hopeful. I would also change sizes. Obviously the DD cup in the plunge style does not work for me and I need to go to a 36E in this. I also would consider sister-sizing to a 34DD because of the band. However, some of the band’s give is due to the damage (though it was still loose before – I was on the second hook the day I got the bra) so I think I would go to a 36E first.

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