Review: Black Milk Sassy-Nation Bodysuit (Perfection Achieved)

3bmI never thought a OSFA (one size fits all) bodysuit could:

  1. ever fit me
  2. ever fit me well

I have always taken OSFA with a very large grain of salt. The claim of this sizing method is that it will fit everyone… not that it will do a good job of fitting or look good on them. So it was with great skepticism but a secret flame of burning hope that I purchased the Sassy-nation bodysuit from Black Milk Clothing.


It fits! It fits! And OMG it fits well! I am so completely in-love with this bodysuit it is ridiculous. The material is supper comfy. It stretches to cover and highlight every curve I have and the design is out of this world sic!

bm2This bodysuit makes me feel awesome about my body. I wear it and I feel insanely good about myself – like I’m on a sugar high or something. Though lingerie has previously made me feel better about myself it has never made me feel like I am on top of the world! I think this OSFA bodysuit is incredible and would probably suit almost any shape.

If you too want to experience the awesomeness of this bodysuit you will want to sign up for the restock list. It sells out insanely quick once they restock it because most all Black Milk Clothing is made in small batches in Australia. However, this bodysuit is made in Italy so it takes a wee bit longer to restock than some of their other clothing. I missed out on this bodysuit when it was first released and managed to catch it on the first restock. There will be another restock within a few weeks according to their Facebook. The other insane part of this bodysuit is the price… it is only $60 AU with free shipping (and you could get charged duties… just saying). I am buying a second one when they restock!

If you are curious about the bra underneath, it is an Agent Provocateur bra that I will review sometime.

(Bodysuit bought by me).

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi, thanks for your review! It really helped me decide that I want to buy one cause I’m a M/L and OSFA usually doesn’t work for me either. 😦
    But just one question – how does one put the suit on? I don’t see any zippers or anything so I am assuming it is just WAY stretchy and that it will stretch enough in the neck to accommodate putting one’s legs through? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but I’ve been googling around and can’t seem to find the answer, lol.



    1. Avigayil says:

      It has crotch snaps! That makes getting into the bodysuit a breeze. It is totally not a dumb question. I was wondering the same thing when I bought it.


  2. Vicky says:

    I’ve been umm-ing and ah-ing about this piece for a while because I thought it wouldn’t be alright with bra straps showing but it looks good! I don’t go braless so this post has helped me make my decision. I’m getting myself a Sassy Nation bodysuit!! Thanks so much for this review.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Awesome! I think this is my favourite bodysuit so I am sooo glad you are getting it. I am pretty sure you will LOVE it! ❤


  3. J says:

    Hi, I bought this but it’s waiting at the depot as I need to pay about £20 in custom charges 😦 So now I’m having second thoughts as…what if I pay all those extra fees and then it doesn’t fit me. I’m quite slim, size 12/EU 40 and a 32G bust but I dont have a flat stomach, it’s not big but it’s not flat. Do you think this is only designed for flat stomachs? And do you think this is too provocative to wear out the house? As I wanted to wear it on nights out with skinny jeans. If I’m having doubts about the fit then I’ll just leave it at the depot and wait for it to be returned to Black Milk.



    1. Avigayil says:

      Ouch on the customs! I can only give you my opinion from your measurements, so here goes! Given your bust and body size, I think this bodysuit will fit you. In overall inches (or cm) your bust size is within a couple inches of mine, we are just different proportions. Now, the ‘larger’ you are the more see-through the bodysuit. Given you are much slimmer than I am, it should be more opaque on you than it is on me (except perhaps the bust – but I find a black bra underneath looks amazing). I also have a tummy pouch, and I think this bodysuit minimizes the appearance if the tummy – and it also looks gorgeous on girls with tummies because of the pattern. Whether this is too provocative or not is a matter of personal taste, but I quite often wear this out of the house with a little black skirt, stockings, and heels!
      Now, on the off chance you don’t like it… you are able to ask for a refund on the tax & duty if you return the bodysuit. The second page of this document: lets you know that. I hope this helps!


      1. J says:

        Thanks so much for your helpful and detailed reply 🙂 I was actually just planning to leave it at the depot so it was returned automatically, but after reading your comment I felt inspired to try it on. I paid the whopping custom charges and tried it on at home to find that it fits like a glove and cuts such a flattering silhouette. I tried it on with a nude bra, which I usually wear underneath black lace, but the black bra works so much better and actually blends in with the design. Looking forward to wearing it out!

        Jess x


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