Review: Claudette Dessous Bra 36E

dessWhen I got my bra fitting from Claire from The Butterfly Collection I was very pleased that she recommended a bra I had been wishing for – the Dessous Bra by Claudette. My bra size is a 36E (UK) and she recommended that size in this bra. I picked the bra (36E) and the matching thong (XL) up in the most vibrant Neon Turquoise.

It has taken me a while to review this bra because I really wanted to give it a good trial period before doing so. I have to admit that the first time I put it on I was really unhappy: near tears. The band was SO tight from what I was use to (38 to 40 bands) and the bra felt terribly wrong! The wires felt tight across my under-bust, the top of the cup was wrinkled, and the middle gore at the very top was very uncomfortable. I performed the appropriate bend and scoop to navigate my breast tissue into the bra and discovered I had a gap at the bottom of the cup which is so terribly common for me. I also hated the way the bra made my breasts look from the front: I thought the full coverage made my breasts look smaller and more flat. I was hoping this bra would be my saviour (I had read a lot of very positive reviews) and it was failing miserably.

Breathe. Refocus.

dess3Claire had mentioned the idea of band shock: a state where a girl has worn far too large bands for far too long and her appropriate size will be shocking to her and her body. She had recommended bra extenders which I had ordered and for the first week I wore the bra every second day with the extender. By the end of the week I found I could actually wear the bra without the extender and it didn’t kill me after two hours. A month later and I can wear the bra an entire day without thinking about the band.

Claire had also mentioned migrated breast tissue (which I am sure we have all heard about by now). Once I got in to my proper bra size and employed the proper bend, scoop (and maybe a little swoosh) methods my migrated breast tissue should migrate back to my breasts. I am pretty sure this is happening because that little space at the bottom of the cup is getting smaller and smaller to where now I can not pinch the fabric at the bottom of the cup anymore. I may also have been wearing the bra a bit low which could have contributed to the space. I am hoping that the few wrinkles of fabric at the very top of the cup will also be filled in over time.

dess2While the gore still leaves quite the indent/mark on my skin – I worked at bending the tops of the wires just a tad bit away from my body and it seems to have helped. I think the wires are somewhat molding to my body now because they were so uncomfortable the first few weeks and now they are actually bordering on comfortable.

Last but not least: appearance. I still am not sure I like the way the bra looks from the front on: however, the bra is not flattening out my chest at all. It really is supporting it quite nicely and actually bringing a roundness to my breasts that is not naturally there (with no support). It does a lot on the shape front for having no padding. It is the most incredibly supportive bra I own and I can easily feel that the second it is on. I could seriously do anything in this bra (like skydiving) and I know it wouldn’t move an inch and my breasts would stay firmly in place.

I wanted to share this little journey with you as encouragement to not give up on bras right away. While this bra was a little nightmare the first few times I wore it – it is quickly becoming one of my favourite and most dependable bras. I broke in the bra by wearing it about an hour every second day and then increasing that time as the days went on. It worked. I originally thought this bra was going to have to be returned, but after a bit of time working with it and allowing it to work with my body we are getting along just fine.

dess1I got the matching thong with the bra and it is a nice colour match and I enjoy wearing matching bras and panties. They aren’t anything remarkable but they are very reasonably priced for anyone who likes to get matching. I don’t usually do thongs but they only had the thong in stock at the time. I just placed an ordered for another set in leopard print (not usually my thing) with panties.

A few last notes: The bra fits very true to size with the band being a bit on the firmer side (compared to a 36 band from Mimi Holliday). I am beginning to think that the Mimi bras are a bit large in the band because I could put them on a second or even third hook no problem whereas the Claudette is very firm on the first hook. The material can be a bit scratchy under the arms I find… but it tends to only be a problem for me in high humidity when my skin is super sensitive.

If you are looking for a non-molded bra that offers plenty of support I highly recommend the Dessous by Claudette.

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  1. Chocolatesa says:

    I have this bra as well and I had a similar experience of having to wait till it started to break in a bit before it was really comfortable. I agree that the wait was definitely worth it because now it’s one of my favourite bras 🙂


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks for commenting! I am so glad to hear that someone else had the same experience. 🙂


  2. The Baroness says:

    Ditto. It only took a few days for my ‘girls’ to adjust but now my Claudette turquoise, neon green and black bra/s have been my every-day go-to bra for over a year. The support and fit are perfect not to mention I’m a SUCKER for neon underwear, lol. Sadly, I find the underwear (both the panties and thong) uncomfortable. I have a round butt (size 40″) and the harder mesh for the blue and green I don’t happily put on. The black pair is softer but the softer mesh ‘spiders’ on the bra where the other two in the harder mesh still look brand new. I have requested they make boyshorts with no visible elastic to go with the bras that way they would match AND be comfortable but they said that they never plan to. Oh well 🙂


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thank you for your comments. 🙂 I totally understand the problem with their underwear! I found their thong fine enough, but I bought the Dessous leopard bra with matching brief and the brief is not great for comfort. I am jealous you have the neon green set! It is probably my favourite of all their colours so far.


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