Review Update: Custom Sonata Danae Ribbon Bodysuit

su1You can thank my reader Nan for this update… she dropped a comment in my previous post which reminded me I needed to update the status of this beloved piece of lingerie. In my previous blog post I had called it unwearable beauty because it was unwearable and one of the most beautiful bodysuits I own.

Like Nan suggested – Sonata and I had already been on contact. They suggested I might have a long torso (how can someone 5’3 have a long torso?) and I provided them with torso measurements and a good description with pictures of the problems I had with the body suit.

So I sent the bodysuit back. They sent me back a new one made taller with some extra elastic at the back to assist with the significant dip I experience at the back of my waist. The time it took to get the bodysuit from Canada to the UK, and then the new one from the UK back to Canada was lengthy but such is international trade.

A note to anyone who buys something and it doesn’t fit properly. Always check if you can get it modified. Sonata took the initiative and called me after my blog post, but I should have taken the initiative and contacted them first instead of assuming nothing could be done about. Also, don’t be afraid to invest a little money to make things better. Yes it cost $40 in shipping to get the bodysuit (shipping from Canada to the UK is expensive!) back to them but it was worth the $40 rather than having a bodysuit I couldn’t wear.

The good:

I can wear the body suit and even sit down in it without fear of it ripping. The extra elastic at the back certainly helps with my curved back and gives me enough room.

Sonata has been absolutely fabulous throughout the entire process and I cannot recommend them enough. As I said, they contacted me offering to fix the bodysuit if I shipped it back to them. Not only that, they replaced it for free (all this out of a colour they don’t make anymore) and shipped it back to me for free. I was recently listening to a marketing podcast about companies really scoring points with customers in the ‘little things’ they do. Sonata did so many little things to make this experience awesome that I really cannot recommend them enough.


The bad:

So I agonized over this for ages because I actually wasn’t going to post this part. My first draft of this post said the replacement was a success (which it was because I can wear it… but just not a complete success). However, I felt I wasn’t being honest and part of my blog is an honest review of the product. In the end the bodysuit just does not fit my body shape well. I have two fist-fulls of loose fabric on the front of the bodysuit and the entire front is like a puddle of fabric when I am sitting down that gathers in rolls with the last roll of loose fabric resting at the bottom. In the future I will avoid purchasing lace bodysuits that do not feature a much higher level of spandex (or stretchy material) because they just do not work on my body shape.

Have I  talked to Sonata about this? Alas, no… and I do not plan to either (even though I would probably advise anyone else to do so). Hands down I will say it again: SONATA HAS BEEN AMAZING. They were so wonderful in replacing my previous one and I will always think of their customer service as top notch – stunning really. However, I doubt if I sent this one back that a third one would be an improvement because my measurements are not doing a good job of translating over shape. People can have the same measurements but vastly different shapes because inches do not say which direction they are going. I don’t think that this is a bridge we can hurdle especially from across the Atlantic. There is also a second reason I am not going to throw my hat in the ring for another go-around. Sonata Lingerie is a small business and they replaced and mailed the replacement bodysuit to me at their cost – not mine (I just mailed it to them at my cost). For a small company every penny counts really and I will not ask them to do that again – especially when I have such low expectations of success. It is not their fault and has never been their fault.su4


So where does that leave me? I have a beautiful bodysuit I can wear for now. As you can see above I have paired it with blue as I think blue and orange look smashing together. The robe is by Kriss Soonik and the bra is Mimi Holliday (review of it to come soon). I have also learned a valuable lesson about fabrics, style, and a lot about my body in one purchase. Those are all valuable lessons. While this bodysuit might not fit me for long (especially if I loose any weight) it is a lovely piece I might keep just to look at or I might try and find someone else who will fit it and then pass it on.

Happy lingerie hunting!

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  1. Nan says:

    Thanks for posting this update! I think it looks great on you in your photo, even if the fit isn’t perfect. I’m glad Sonata was so great to work with and tried hard to make it fit perfectly. I’m with you on certain styles not working well with certain body types. I wonder if the Kriss Soonik lace bodysuit would fit similarly?

    I can’t wait to see your Mimi Holliday review. I’m waiting on my new bras to come in! (And also waffling on getting some Bordelle… Their lingerie sizing alarms me, and I’m unsure if their bras will fit me…!)


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