Review: Black Milk Cathulu Swimsuit


I am a huge fan of Black Milk Clothing which is out of Australia. I know, I am all the way up here in Canada but the obsession goes deep and I treat myself often. There are so many things I love about the company Black Milk… so here are just a few:

  • awesome energy
  • fun podcasts
  • excellent customer service
  • fun and entertaining emails when you have bought something!
  • frequent new items

Also, I love their shiny nylon goodness. Now some people might be like.. “OMG you wear NYLON? You don’t have the ‘body’ for it.” Well screw that I love it!

Now this post isn’t so much of a review (okay maybe it is) as it is an ‘OMG I love this’ post. The graphic on this swimsuit is just wicked. The material and the make is of quality and I haven’t noticed any fade issues despite repeated exposure to dreaded chlorine. Most of all I feel amazing just wearing this suit because it has the awesome sea monster Cathulu on it (thanks H.P. Lovecraft!) and totally makes me feel wonderful. Oh ya, it also fits my butt really well and I wear a size large! They make their swimsuits up to a size XL which is actually really generously sized if you look at the dimensions that fits! The other things I love about their fit are all because of material: it stretches all ways! So if you have a large hip to waist ratio the swimsuit is very forgiving.

4cThe things I don’t like about the suit? Well… there are only two. One: I think I need a long torso version to compensate for my larger chest because this swimsuit is really tight on the chest. It flattens me right out (I am wearing a bra in the pictures and it still is compressing my chest too much)! It also goes a bit low in the front for me when I am swimming lengths. Two: of course there is no bust support. I didn’t expect there to be because this is a simple one piece swimsuit. So I am really on the lookout for a nice black swim bra (bikini top, whatever) to put under my swimsuit for that added support. I thought I had found an Agent Provocateur one but it turned out to be the most horrible fit ever and it is being returned to Outnet today (edit: while typing this post the DHL guy came by and picked up the package so it is on its way already).

In the future I hope they turn their lovely swimsuits into racer-backs. I like the racer-back swimsuit style for lane swimming as it is more comfortable. The straps are always an issue with swimming: my Black Milk straps do not fall off (thankfully) but they do dig in a bit when I do a full rotation for a front stroke or a back stroke.

bmc2Now some people might ask why I do not buy a regular athletic swimsuit. The answer to that is actually two answers: 1) they are terribly boring and 2) often a terrible fit. Most swimsuits are either horrible patterns that the 60s era puked up or else they are plain blacks, browns, and blues. I want to have fun – not looks like a psychedelic throwback. Number two is also a huge issue. I have tried to squeeze myself into Speedo one-piece swimsuits and found they mushed my chest and were a horrible fit for a curvy figure. I currently have two TYR athletic swimsuits (brand new.. with tags…) that would fit if they would accommodate the circumference of my thighs to get the swimsuit on. I even owned a Freya athletic swimsuit which is designed for curvier girls yet the fit was totally off as their chest support expected a good full bust instead of shallow breasts that start higher up. That is why Black Milk has won my heart: their swimsuits fit every inch of my body and they are amazingly fun. All I need is a bikini top for support underneath and I will be ready to go!

I have to say again and again how much I worship this swimsuit – one of my favourite things that I own! I most certainly will be buying another swimsuit from Black Milk (already have my eye on this gem) but in the long torso version.

Just a little added info: Black Milk offers free shipping worldwide. However, you may (or may not) get hit with duties when your lovely nylon goods hit your country. Just saying!

What do you think of Black Milk swimsuits?

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