Review: Natori Feathers Plunge Bra & Brief (36DD)


I first read about the Natori Feathers Contour Plunge Bra on The Lingerie Addict and that is what convinced me I had to try it. Treacle gave it a good review that I found really attractive given the price point of the bra was so reasonable: $68 US full price. The matching underwear were $30 US and so with a coupon code in hand I purchased the set from FreshPair. Freshpair offers free shipping to Canada on orders of $50 or more so for a Canadian chick who has a hard time finding good lingerie – they are a fabulous find. I ordered the bra in 36DD and the underwear in size Large (I heard they fit generously) in the colour Sea Mist – as shown in the stock images here.

The first thing that hit me when I opened my package from Freshpair is that the images of this set horribly misrepresent the colour. In what world do these colours even look similar? This is not a ‘shade may differ on monitors’ issue… this is a whole different colour!!!


Once I got past the shock of what was suppose to be a pleasant blue showing up as a most shocking green – I took a minute to appreciate the set. I pretty much knew the second I held the bra in my hand that this bra was going to fit pretty well. The shape is perfect and again matches that wishlist of mine:

  • (mostly) short cups
  • high side panels
  • short side wings


Also, Claire from Butterfly Collection had suggested tear shaped cups might be my ticket and this certainly fits the bill. For the most part this bra is near perfect: it is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn, it fits my breasts very nicely, it doesn’t cut it or hurt, it is supportive, and it is fun. The gore tacks well and there isn’t extra fabric at the top of the tear-drop that I do not fill out. It also shapes my breasts beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with the appearance under a t-shirt.N6


However, there is one problem you can sort of see in the above image but will be able to see much better in the image below. There is at least one finger’s width of space between the underwire and where my breast naturally sits. Thus, extra space. You can see the fabric is loose because there is just nothing in there. I can adjust the bra all I want but where the bra naturally sits on my body there will always be a gap between the underwire and my breast tissue. This will affect support (since the tissue is not up against the wire). It doesn’t affect comfort but it is a tad bit annoying to have that extra space. This means, if I have learned anything from Claire’s bra education, that the wire is too deep for my breast tissue. Since I have breasts that start very high on my body this is a problem I will run into frequently.


Now I adore this bra – I really do. When I am wearing it it feels so incredibly awesome! I could LIVE in this bra! However, I would be amiss if I did not mention some things that did throw me off a bit when I first received the bra because this bra is NOT as pictured… and that goes beyond colour. First off, the center gore is MUCH thicker than the stock image shows, mine I would guess is twice as thick. I assume they do this for larger cup sizes but I don’t think they really have to. Also, according to the stock images the lining stops before the edge of the lace so that the lace is see through on the cups. On my bra: no. The lining only stops before the lace at the very top of the cup but it goes pretty near to the edge of the lace on my cups so the lace is not see through.


I have a difficult time rating this bra because, despite the differences between stock images and reality, the bra as I wear it is perfect except for that fit issue of the underwires being too deep. I love the shape. I actually love the colour (brings out my inner mermaid). I love the style. Love the lace. I love everything about this bra except for that gap underneath my breasts.

I am toying between an 8 or a 9 out of 10.

Last but not least, the underwear! They are very generously cut and I LOVE them! They are so incredibly comfortable and while I have difficulties with an XL in other brands the large in a Natori is just perfect. It has a good amount of stretch to fit over my hips and yet it doesn’t sag up near my waist where I am much smaller. I like the high waisted feature because I have a big butt and it completely covers it! The feather pattern on them is just lovely and truly a highlight! The underwear alone is worth purchasing even if this style of bra is not right for you!


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