Review: eLai Peterpan Collar Playsuit


This is the most expensive pair of underwear I have ever bought. Granted, it was my birthday gift to myself during a time of tremendous upheaval. The beginning of April I found out we were moving, end of April I finished my third year of university, in May we were vacationing in Iceland and in June we moved 1,240 km a week before my birthday. We moved… and then camped out in our new apartment. Our actual stuff arrived ON my birthday.

So this was a ‘Happy Birthday to me’ and a ‘sorry for your loss of sanity’ all in the same gift. It was out there and adventurous and it felt like I was really splurging which sort of made me feel a little better.


When I first saw the Back in Time Collection from eLai I nearly died. I am a girl who loves her black but this collection just screamed happiness and joy and sold me on a world I didn’t have at that moment but desperately wanted. I am an English major and the bookish model with the glasses and the prop was just the gold gilding on my pages.

Selecting an outfit was difficult. I fell in love with both the Peterpan Collar Playsuit (which I bought) and the Bonbon Set which I still love.  I ended up contacting the owner of eLai because while picking out out my purchase I had neglected to notice the size chart didn’t include my size. She was absolutely wonderful and offered to make my order custom at no extra charge. I provided measurements and we discussed some of the problem areas on my body. She added some adjustable sliders to the straps to help out as well.


It arrived. It fit. I swear bells rang and angels grew wings! I wore it underneath some goth punk style clothing with the delicate girly collar peaking out as a stark contrast – it was perfect.

Though I am not brave enough to wear this out as often as I would like as the collar feature is not just something you see every day… I absolutely love this piece and it makes me very happy. So the last two pictures are my tribute to the eLai marketing campaign… from an English major in Canada (thanks to my husband for the glasses…)



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  1. Martha says:

    I love it…I would wear it more as well. I think you can buy those pretty little collars seperatly for those that want the collar without the garmet.


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