Review: Mimi Holliday Encore L’Amore Lace Underwired Bra (36DD)



I recently got a Skype bra fitting from The Butterfly Collection and it was one of the most positive experiences for my relationship with my body. We diagnosed the issues I had with bras, the size problems and the final recommendation was to go from my 38/40C bras to a 36E / 36DD bra. There were also major style concerns that needed to be addressed. I have wide, side heavy breasts with a high breast root and thus style would play an important role in fit. Any bra that expected breast tissue to fill the upper part of the cup would be sorely dissappointed. Claire recommended bras with short cups that have supportive, high side panels but short side wings.

Since I have a new bra size and am in the process of replacing all my old bras with new bras that actually fit you are going to get a few bra reviews over the next little bit! First off is the Mimi Holliday Encore L’Amore Lace Underwired Bra and matching underwear that I picked up from The Outnet. I picked this bra because it matched the checklist pretty well:

  • short cups
  • high side panels
  • short side wings


I love the fit of this bra and how absolutely comfortable it is. Though it only has one row of hooks at the back, it still provides good support – though not perfect. I find the Mimi Holliday bands run a bit big (comparing to the Claudette bands) so while I am sure the bra support isn’t perfect it is a good bra to prevent band shock when you are going down in band size. There are plenty of hooks left to tighten the bra when I adjust to a firmer band.

The low center gore is fabulous and doesn’t push in or hurt and the shallow cups ensure that there isn’t a gap between the underwire and my breast tissue. The gore tacks well and my breast tissue sits in the cup very well.

The high side wings take a bit to get use to and I still have migrated breast tissue that wont stay within their bounds. However, the high wings serve to support the sides of my side heavy breasts and pull the weight inward thus allowing the under-wires to do their job. The colour of the side wings is very close to my skin colour and I really enjoy it peaking out from my clothing.


The bra is also great at keeping me contained. I can bend all the way forward and touch my toes and my breasts stay in the bra. The bra does not lift off my underbust either.

The bra gives fairly natural support as well. If you don’t like padded cups than a lace cupped bra is just what you are looking for. It is not going to give you that perfectly round shape unless your breasts are already perfectly round spheres of joy.

My only issue with this bra is the shape. I’m not looking for perfect spheres of joy but the bra does give a bit of a cone shape with where your nipples sit coming to a rounded point. The nipple also sits at the top of the seam that runs half way up the cup (which is not uncomfortable, I assure you) and I assume this is what contributes to the slightly conical shape. I know my natural breast shape is also a contributing factor. This is not my favourite shape but under tighter shirts you can’t tell.

Overall I really love this bra and only wish it had a slightly less conical affect. The lace cup is wonderful as it gives support without added bulk. The colour is lovely, and the fit is really great for my shape of breasts.


I did order this bra with the matching underwear. As per usual with Mimi Holliday underwear (for me) the fit is not perfect. Because there is so much silk in the underwear as well there is little stretch. With these underwear (size XL) I found they fit my butt (wow) but the leg band dug into my hips on the sides. The underwear are wearable but I do get nervous of tearing them because the silk is so delicate and the side is tight.

Finding a bra that doesn’t fight with my breasts but rather seems to naturally fit them really makes this bra stand out. I bestow a 9/10 ranking upon this bra!

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