What To Do With Lingerie that Doesn’t Fit



Well little blog readers who happen upon my little section of paradise… I’m back! After a mostly successful move from the bald prairies to an island clinging to the west coast of Canada I have relocated to a humid and rather green paradise. It has trees! However, I have dropped from living in a city of 1 million to a city of 100,000 so I find myself more than ever depending upon the internet to fulfill my lingerie needs.

Part of buying sale lingerie that is final sale (or simply too expensive to ship back) is that it won’t fit. You can measure all you want and ask for dimensions till the piece is out of stock but different lingerie fits different and if you are a non-standard size you will inevitably run into times where the lovely piece that just arrived does not fit well. If you are in Canada or a remote location often sending back the lingerie costs about as much as the lingerie itself did so that is just not an option. Also, you can have some lovely lingerie for a bit and then you change sizes and the lingerie no longer fits. Do you toss?


First off I would explore the area of alteration: find a good seamstress and see if the item in question can be altered to fit. If it cannot then the following suggestions come into play.

I like to start by reselling. I highly recommend Trend Trunk for selling to other Canadians and if you are American I am sure there are tons of American sites like it. You list your stuff for free and they take 20% commission. You get a prepaid shipping label which costs the buyer $8 and that covers items being shipped across the country. Always keep your lingerie in the best condition and leave the tags attached until you know whether you are keeping or getting rid of something. If you aren’t having success on Trend Trunk I also suggest eBay. They take approximately 10% including 10% of your shipping cost and then Paypal takes another couple percent. Be really careful on your shipping estimates as it is easy to get burned and always ship with tracking. Again, beautiful pictures are key and tags still attached is very helpful. I suggest listing on eBay.com instead of .ca for better exposure.


If you have bras that have received some wear but no longer fit, I highly suggest donating them to Free The Girls. Your bra donation helps human trafficking survivors make a living selling used bras. Bras are in pretty high demand in many of the developing countries and your donation can help support other women. I love that.

I also suggest finding out what sizes your friends and close female relatives wear. If you have bought something that is too expensive to return, or a final sale, and doesn’t fit you there is a chance you might know someone it does fit. You could either gift it to them or let them trade you something for it.


Last but not least: local donation. I never suggest donating underwear (just toss… please) but babydolls, camisoles, and various other lingerie that no longer fits and is not worth selling may be worth donating to your local thrift store. Many women cannot afford really nice lingerie so if it shows up at the local Thrift Store they might be able to treat themselves. I strongly believe that if you don’t use it – loose it! That includes shoes, clothing, and lingerie.

Do you have any suggests on what do do with lingerie that doesn’t fit?

(The pictures above are all images from lingerie I have resold online).

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  1. Great post! You have lots of great ideas there. I like the plugging on the Canadian solutions as much possible and the donation of items to help other. Good stuff!


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