La Fille d’O How I Lust After Thee



Brand focus! I found this brand a bit ago and instantaneously fell madly in lust. La Fille d’O structures things differently. Whether it is their unique Bears Bra which hovers on the crossroads of a cropped cami and a bra or their Body Fiddle briefs with the lowest cut front I have seen and a double peek-a-boo at the back – this company makes unique and inspiring lingerie. Both the pieces I just mentioned are favourites of mine to drool over.


The Lingerie Lesbian recently did a post on androgynous brands and that reminded me of this brand. The cuts are very clean and simple. The bras seem to be fashioned after the idea of providing support with a clean and effortless aesthetic. The underwear is quirky and inventive with lines and cutouts in unusual places. Most of the colour scheme is black and white but you will find nudes, yellow, red, or blue mixed into some pieces. Another favourite of mine is this lovely yellow Apple Sleep bra which comes in my size (yay!). It doubles as either lingerie or a bikini top. Any lingerie that pulls double duty is a huge plus in my wardrobe!1


In many ways I think this brand should be a wardrobe staple. The One bra just exudes perfection as a basic go to bra I would die to wear every day for the rest of my life.

Here are some fun facts about the company:

  • Designed by Belgian designer Murielle Scherre
  • They have their own dimension system (check out the size chart)
  • All pieces can be customized or restored
  • All pieces are handmade


The only downside of the brand is sizing being available. Not all pieces are available in all sizes currently and ‘all sizes’ only goes up to a 38F or 40G (their size 9). When I am ready to make a purchase I am probably going to contact the company and ask for my specific size. Because all pieces can be customized and are handmade there should be no problem in actually getting my size: it is just not a simple ‘pick size’ and checkout process due to the stock not currently on the website.3

Another very small downside is cost: I find it a bit high. Of course anytime I am sinking over $100 CAN into either a bra or underwear (not even a set) I wince.

One last thing I also really enjoy about La Fille d’O: their models. I know this is dangerous ground to walk on because if I display a dislike for skinny models then the skinny girls of the world will rise up and throw rice-cakes at me. So let me put it this way: I like that they use girls that I wouldn’t blink twice if I saw walking down the street. They look like normal beautiful women. When I look at them I don’t see my own body but I see an image of something much closer to mine than the usual models used. I then can more easily picture myself in the lingerie and imagine what it would look like on me.

What do you think of the company and their aesthetic? Had you heard of them before?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. cassie says:

    i love that they show pubes. pubes everywhere! makes me feel very happy. i agree with you on price, i would love to have the need shiver or dark lands, but to add to that cost for custom for my boobs? yikes. maybe i just buy no other bras hahahaha. the one is amazing and i’d love that as well. Ace you is great, but frankly i just love most of their stuff. lovely.


    1. Avigayil says:

      This is SO a favourite brand of mine and I am glad you like them too! ❤ The pubes thing is awesome! I get all nervous about my boobs changing so I can never justify saving up for a very expensive bra. The second I buy it.. I swear my boobs will change sizes XD


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