Review: Custom Sonata Danae Ribbon Bodysuit – Unwearable Beauty


s1I have been utterly drooling over Sonata bodysuits as long as I have known about the company. Some gals are into bras, some gals are into undies, some gals are into babydolls, and I am into bodysuits.

It is easy to list off the merits of a Sonata bodysuit. The stretch lace is exquisite in how it both covers and yet reveals the body to a lover’s eyes. The buttons down the front require the wearer or a lover to slow down and appreciate both the wrapping and the gift they are unwrapping. Yet, the snaps at the bottom allow for those necessary calls of nature to be answered in a quick and efficient manner.

When the Danae bodysuit – an unusual combination of orange stretch lace and brown accents – disappeared from the Sonata website I contacted the company. They told me they had enough fabric still that they could make me one if I wanted and to just send my measurements. I couldn’t resist the idea of a custom made Sonata bodysuit and took the plunge (hey, for me it was a plunge! I never buy lingerie full price!). Their customer service was absolutely amazing both through social media and through email. I was on vacation for a bit and they delayed mailing out my package till I knew I would be home to receive it.


My bodysuit just arrived today. Needless to say I danced all the way down to meet the postman and all the way back up to my apartment! I loved the packaging: bright pink tissue paper which I tore into immediately. I also adore that they include a satin bag to store your bodysuit in to avoid it getting damaged!

My first impression was that the Danae is very well made and the materials are very high quality. A lot of thought goes into the placement of the pattern in my opinion and every last detail was utterly exquisite! I loved the scalloped shoulders and I think the colour went well with my skin: a strange pop of colour and welcome change from my usual black uniform.

s3Then came the fit. Oh how I wish the fit would have been better and I still don’t understand why fabric does what it does but the fit… sigh. Oh it does fit. But not… well. I know, this is custom measured to my body so it should fit like a glove but it doesn’t! Maybe someone who sews could help me understand what is wrong with the fit but where the fabric leaves the butt to where it hits the seam at the bow it is stretched very tight. It doesn’t come anywhere near contact with my skin at any point of my back till it reaches the seam at the bow. It is very, very tight. It has a tent effect because I have a very deep curve to my back between my hips and my waist. I am afraid to sit down or bend over in the bodysuit for fear of ripping the fabric. The result is it pulls down on my shoulders and cuts up a little on the bottom of my butt. Essentially it feels like the entire back of the suit is too short. (note large gap between suit and my back)
On the positive side, the front fits moderately well when I adjust it to how I think it should fit while trying not to pull at the back. I thought at first there was too much fabric in the front but then I adjusted the leg openings to sit lower and that completely solved the extra fabric problem and looked right. I love the way the cut actually gives my breasts some support and really enhances them.
I am hoping that if I lose some weight that the back issue might become less of an issue because as it is now the bodysuit is unwearable. The last thing I needed is another unwearable article of lingerie due to my shape and size (my closet is full of them sadly). I guess that is what has made me most upset: in my mind a custom piece to my measurements should have fit. I keep on forgetting that measurements really don’t convey shape and shape has a huge affect on how clothing fits… especially lingerie.  It is probably not the manufacturer’s fault that the bodysuit doesn’t fit because they made the bodysuit to the measurements I asked for. I’m so sad!

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  1. Nan says:

    I know that this comment is a bit late, but I am wondering if the torso is cut short and if you have a longer torso? That is really, really disappointing to hear how it doesn’t fit you well. Did you contact Sonata and tell them about the problems you were encountering with this piece?


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hi Nan! Thanks so much for your comment and it is totally not coming too late – in fact you are absolutely right in your suggestions! When I wrote this post I never in a million years dreamed I had a long torso since I am only 5’3. But with the trouble I had with this body suit and a few others since (and a swimsuit or two) I think you might be right.

      Sonata and I have indeed been in contact since the post and I sent the bodysuit back with torso measurements, pictures, and a description of the problem. They have modified the bodysuit and got it back recently (Canada to the UK and the UK back to Canada takes a while) – so I will be releasing an update soon! I can say that the fit, though still not perfect, is now much improved (I can sit down!)

      Thank you so much for commenting and your advice!


      1. Nan says:

        Oh yay! I’m glad to hear. 😀 I’m 5’4″ myself, and I have a looooong torso (and big ol’ broad shoulders sigh), so I totally understand things when it comes to fit. I’m really glad that Sonata was able to modify it for you because it is so disappointing to have such a lovely, expensive piece that would be unwearable.

        I do love the pictures that you’ve posted, and I can’t wait to see when you post an update. 🙂 I LOVE orange, and the brown silk-covered buttons are so beautiful on this piece. Sorry that the fit still isn’t spot on. I think that’s what makes me so nervous about buying these kind of pieces – it can be such a gamble!

        By the way, I came across your blog searching Mimi Holliday fit. I really do like all the reviews you have the pictures you posted! It helps people like me blindly buying lingerie online without setting my dollars on fire. Journelle is having an aweeesome sale! Have you checked? They have some Bordelle on sale, and I’m salivating here. 🙂


      2. Avigayil says:

        OMG Bordelle! One of my weaknesses!! ❤ LOVE their stuff! I will certainly check out the sale but I just spend my lingerie dollars for the month on a Damaris Bra and a Nichole de Carle Westminster brief.

        I also buy most my lingerie online so I understand the buying blind thing. 🙂 I'm so happy that my reviews can help you out! I have another Mimi Holliday bra I am going to be reviewing soon that is a different cut.

        Happy lingerie shopping!


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