Obsession: Bordelle Lady Citron Bra


When I think of the one piece of lingerie I absolutely must have – tight budget or not – I think of the Bordelle Lady Citron Bodice Bra (Edit 05/14: no longer available) my obsession. Obsession is the perfect word. It expresses an ongoing and constantly pressing desire to possess an item and thus I am possessed by it. The image fills my retinas long after I have left the computer screen. I daydream tactile encounters where the straps embrace my bare skin marrying bondage of body and freedom of expression.
Straps are almost synonymous with bondage. It is all about dirty, kinky sex where the woman either plays the role of submissive or she is the dominatrix with her tight leather and whip. When I look at staps I too feel the sexually suggestive power of them – mostly because that turns me on. But straps are also like my own personal security blanket or like a little boy’s superhero underwear. I feel comforted on a bad day, I feel powerful on a good day, I feel like I can face the world any day I wear them.
Sure the bra runs £200.00 without VAT. But this is the kind of bra I see as an investment piece. Just print a picture of the bra and tape it to a jar and then set money aside each month till there is enough saved up. One day I will own this bra! And that… will be a very good day.

Note: Bra is available in black or citron colour.

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