Snorkelling in Agent Provocateur Undies


I’m on vacation in Iceland right now for just over two weeks. My vacations tend to be a dress-down occasion: I do a lot of walking, a lot of sweating, and weather tends to be not always be on my side. So while there are plenty of marvellous pictures taken during the vacation, I generally look drab because I value warmth, comfort, and proper gear before pretty.
That is the beauty of an article of clothing that is worn inside your other clothing as it is essentially protected from the elements. Lingerie: my love. When I am in Iceland I will wear raincoats, layers of thermals, hiking socks, hiking boots, a comfortable bra/sports bra -but my panties don’t matter. I think the beauty of much of lingerie is the take it or leave it policy. I slid into a pair of jeans two days ago and my husband remarked that I wasn’t wearing any underwear and I replied “So? You wouldn’t believe the number of times I go underwearless. who cares!”
Society does, but that is a different point. When I walk down the street no one knows I am wearing or not wearing underwear. Lingerie is a personal decision both if you wear it and what you wear.
So while preparing for my snorkelling adventure to Silfra (where the earth’s tectonic plates have separated along a divergent zone in the middle of Iceland so you get to swim between the American and European plates) I set out my usual layer of thermals, rainwear, boots, socks… And then went digging for some underwear. The first pair I came up with are my favourite underwear that I own: the Agent Provocateur Cindy Brief in Black (stock images used for this post!). I almost put them back because they were ‘too pretty’ for such a high impact day. However, they evoked joy and a bit of naughtiness just thinking about wearing them under my dull outer layers and then under a dry suit for snorkelling.
So that is how AP and I went snorkelling together. I like to think that wearing my favourite underwear somehow enhanced my snorkelling experience but I’m not sure that could be proven. However, they did give me a boost of confidence at the start of my day and made me smile later when I stripped them off my frigid body. What I love about these particular underwear is they are amazingly comfortable for being so sexy and they hug my body beautifully. I am a size 5 and the pattern really makes my figure look awesome. Unfortunately I only bought one pair when AP sold the black and now they no longer sell them. 😦 They now have a really bright blue version that I might try to get my hands on if they go on a flash sale. The downside to my AP addiction is their shipping to Canada is $40… utterly painful. The upside is really pretty and pretty awesome panties. πŸ™‚

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