Want: Tutti Rouge Lilliana Bra + Undies


Usually the lingerie I want is fairly expensive and the chance of me actually getting it is fairly low. However, today I get to share with you a couple pieces of lingerie that have been making quite the buzz on other lingerie blogs and that I too would love to get my hands on (and that are at a price I just might). The Lilliana Bra by Tutti Rouge is a stunning pink with lovely white accents, heart shaped sliders on the shoulders, and cute matching briefs. I first saw it mentioned on Lingerie Lesbian and then again on the Lingerie Addict.
I don’t consider myself full chested, however, according to a couple bra calculators from trusted sources I am suppose to be a 36D (though I usually wear a 38C). I tried one on at VS because it was convenient and I’m not sure if it was due to the cut of all VS bras but the 36D cut in and I had breast bulging out. The 36DD was much more successful but still not perfect as it left a gap at the bottom of the cup where my breast refused to descend. It has left me wondering, since the Lilliana Bra tends to run small from what I have heard, If I could get away with a 36DD or a 38DD in the sexy little thing.
I hope so because it is so darn pretty, but I am nervous to try because I have had such a bad time with fuller cups. I have a rather shallow top to my breasts and even though these are supposedly a half-cup style there seems to be a good amount of fabric up there. I do wonder!
So pretty!! And very well priced too I must say at only 26 pounds for the bra and about half that again for the underwear. Sure I could just order it and then return if the fit is off but with living in Canada the cost for returning stuff is formidable (so is shipping for that matter). Did I mention it is currently only available in the UK? Those are the disadvantages.
The advantages are really all the reviews I have read. I love reading other lingerie blogs and seeing what they say about fit (runs small), quality (excellent), colour (amazing bubblegum pink) and general overall rating (usually A+). So thanks to all the other bloggers… I am absolutely drooling over this set. đŸ™‚ might just have to take a little leap of faith after consulting the company on size suggestions. My birthday is just over a month away…

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