New Loungewear: Topshop Black Velvet Jumper


1I was in Toronto yesterday for an eight our stop-over Edmonton and our intended destination: Iceland. We got picked up by my husband’s brother and dropped by Yorkdale Mall when I discovered a leak in my water bottle (we already were in North York area for lunch). Yorkdale mall is pretty unique: which is probably the most expensive mall in all of Canada and is home to designer stores like Cartier and Burberry. This was my first time inside an HBC that actually had a Topshop which was thrilling. They were having a prom event and giving out some very delicious cupcakes. My husband overdosed on sugar just by smelling the one I was munching on.
The shop was fabulous and I found plenty of clothing to peak my interest. However, I am on a budget or very well should be. Thus, i went in search of the sale section. They had an excellent 70% off section and I immediately discovered a black velvet jumper with shoulder straps in a size 8US. In a million years I do not fit a size 8US, but I also can judge clothing size by looking at it and this was oversized.
I tried it on and surprise of all surprises, it fit perfectly. Black velvet, black stretch velvet, anything that is velvet like and in black or blue is a secret love of mine. I couldn’t pass up such a deal (which turned out to be not as good a deal as I thought) so I bought it. The only negative of the entire experience was at the till. Even though the jumper was in the 70% off section it only had a 50% off price tag and they would only honour the price tag (Originally $70, price tag said $35). They did give me my student discount even though I wasn’t carrying my ID (which was nice of them). Totally loving the jumper! Paired it with a white shirt and enjoying it as fantastic loungewear.

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