Review: Steampunk White Rabbit Corset

rabbitclockMy third corset purchase was an instant head-over-heels in love reaction to AliceAndWillow’s Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Corset on Etsy. I bought it just about a year ago on sale for $119 US (+ shipping) with the matching jacket for $90. The matching jacket was a disaster: even though it was suppose to be a size L the arm circumference would never fit my arms in a million years. They took a ‘final sale’ position with me because both items were on sale so that was $90 down the drain.

1steampunkThe corset is a stunning red and white with lovely golden buttons, a black ribbon bow, and and a double-breasted lapel style front. The gold buttons are not the same number on each side which is reminiscent of the haphazard world of Wonderland: there are 5 on one side and 7 on the other side plus the bottom buttons and the middle button. You can actually expose more of the white underbelly by undoing some of the buttons. It has a useable pocket in gold which is so cute. It is a steel-boned corset with a proper busk, black lacing with good sturdy grommets up the back, but lacks waist tape.

2steampunkI do find the corset not nearly as sturdy as some of my other corsets – even though they are all steel-boned. My guess is that it is due to the quality, thickness, placement, and number of bones used. Excluding the very back where you lace, and the very front at the busk, there are 8 steel-bones that bend very easily. The result is that even with my own tighter lacing, I can get maybe a 1 inch waist reduction. I think this is also due to the cut of the corset – I already have a very large hip to waist ratio (in favour of my waist) and the corset does not have an extreme cut to it. For reference sake: the corset is a size 28 and I have a size 33″ waist.corset

The only other issue I have with this corset is keeping it clean! I LOVE to wear it but the white is getting dirty in a hurry. I’m worried about taking it to a dry-cleaner as corsets are not their everyday fare and I want it cleaned right and not damaged. Any ideas?

corset2I have to say I loved this corset so much I decided to make a costume around it. I bought a stunning vintage wool opera cloak and I had a steampunk white rabbit mask custom made for me by B3 Designs (who I just adore!) With a few other accessories like white gloves, clock stockings, and my husband’s Swiss pocket watch… I made quite the scene at my university on Halloween last year!

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