Review: Between The Sheets Venus In Play Babydoll & Shorts

bts4I won a $300 gift certificate to Between The Sheets about five months ago, and in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Iceland (in one week) I placed an order. Part of my order was the Venus In Play Babydoll Olympian Blue and the Venus In Play Short Olympian Blue. Today is my review of this set and all photos in the post are my own (taken by me with myself as the model – double duty!).

bts3My first impression was of the colour and material. The colour is the most beautiful blue – well balanced as to not be a light blue nor a dark blue but rather falls somewhere in between which would work well for both all skin tones I would think. I tend to be fairly pale and I think this blue looks lovely on me. Secondly, the material is so incredibly soft! I could live in this set – and in fact did for the entire weekend.

bts5When I first tried the set on I was incredibly self-conscious. I have very wide shoulders and I felt the deep cut of the top around the neck, back, and arms made my shoulders and upper body look even bigger! However, I quickly adjusted the shoulder straps in the back up to the tightest and it pulled the material up enough to make me more comfortable. What really impressed me was the lay of the babydoll. I have huge hips (46″) and this babydoll (Size L) doesn’t even care if my hips are wide, and it wouldn’t care if they were wider! It flows beautifully down with tons of room and yet doesn’t look like a ton of a fabric. One of my favourite features is the middle seem running down the front of the babydoll – love it! My other favourite feature is the lace. I don’t know what inspired them to put a double layer of lace along the neckline but it is beautiful and I absolutely love it.

bts1While the babydoll was a huge hit, the shorts are a mixed bag for me. The good news is they fit (size L). My hips are over the width they suggest for the shorts so whatever fit issues I have are not the manufacturer’s problem. When you have a 33″ waist and 46″ hips you tend to have some fit problems. I also carry most my weight in my butt and then again in my thighs so fit is always an issue. The main problem I find with the shorts is a) they look frumpy on me because of where fabric is and is not bunching and b) the pockets refuse to stay in. They keep on trying to go inside out. I think a single stitch could have fixed that during the manufacturing process, but that is my opinion. What does delight me is that they… again… fit. They fit over my hips, they fit over my thighs, they fit over my butt, they stay up, and they are so comfy!

btsOverall I am pretty pleased with this set. The shorts pair nicely with the babydoll as you only see them peaking out from underneath and the babydoll is splendid lounge-wear. The material is to-die-for soft and I honestly could see myself spending a lot of weekends in this set! One last note about Between The Sheets: one of the reasons I was attracted to this company was their offer of free shipping to Canada. This is such a rarity in the lingerie market that I was instantly hooked.

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