I Dream of Garters With Pockets

Last night I had one of my many really screwed up dreams, but something stuck with me upon waking: garters with a pocket. In the dream I was evidently at some fancy party and I didn’t want to carry my purse – which sounds a lot like me because I’m usually saying “honey will you carry this, this, and this” for me in reality. But instead, in the dream, I slip1ped on a garter around my thigh that had a built in pocket where I could slip in a couple cards and a little cash.

As Ron Ben Israel likes to say… GENIUS!

I actually hate carrying a purse and would rather run around with a credit card, some cash, and my drivers license strapped to my leg. I am almost twenty-seven and I still get asked for ID… I think that is rather nice. πŸ™‚

I have several design ideas already for where the pocket would go, how it would be mounted to the garter, what material the pocket should be made of (MESH!), size, carrying capacity, etc! I just have no sewing skills. Zero. It is on my list of ‘things to learn and master’ but I just haven’t had the time.

I want my garters with pockets πŸ˜€2

So I did a little research because if I have thought of something – I am sure it has occurred to someone else. I found YouNiqueGarters on Etsy which has pocket garters primarily for flasks, but a couple for other stuff as well. Their designs are over-the-top pretty with very rich fabric and ruffles… lots of ruffles. They are not the pocket garters I imagined in my mind’s eyes… but they are nice. The pictures are all of pocket garters from YouNiqueGarters.

The pocket garters I imagined were more modern. But what do you think? Would you wear a garter with a pocket?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. STK says:

    Yes! That sounds like a super awesome idea. Maybe not in daily life, as I have a tote bag… but super awesome for a party? A night out? As pretty as clutches are, they are uncomfortable.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Haha! I have a bad habit of forgetting my clutch so I love this idea for evenings out.


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