Review: Playful Promises Garter Dress Dreams

ppI have expensive tastes. My husband reminds me quite often. So when I find something very affordable that I totally fall in love with – it surprises me. Lets just say that happened recently when I was taking a peak at Playful Promises and got a glimpse of their Morgana Lace and Mesh Garter Dress (edit 05.14: no longer available).Honestly – I was smitten. It looked so perfectly elegant and sophisticated, next to a double digit – not triple digit – price tag.
I had to have it. Including shipping I paid £46.86 (approx $75) for it – which right now is driving me insane because it is on sale for £30.24 + £7 shipping = £37.24 so that extra nearly £10 is killing me. But I’m getting over it. Though it is tempting me to buy a second one.

I have never owned a garter dress before in my life.

Actually. I hate the word garter. Not garters themselves – they speak of an old world glamour that I love but have not yet convinced myself I can pull off. But the word garter – ugh. It is like the word pantyhose or girdle. It sounds ugly. But forget that. The garter dress was amazing. The second I got it home – though I swear I was opening the package before I even left the post office – I was in heaven. The fabric was heavy and quality. It didn’t feel like it would fall apart at a moment’s notice.

I tried it on.

I have big hips – and it fit! I have a wide band and a smaller chest – and it fit! I have a small waist – and it fit! Did I mention it fit? It felt like my body was being kissed by a black mesh angel and I LOVED IT!

So I figured I needed to give this baby a trial run outdoors – since I was feeling too sexy for my skin inside. I had a dental appointment that day anyway so I slipped on a dress and noticed how the garter dress made my entire figure look so damn good. I admired myself in the mirror several times after I put on my black leather boots and my black leather jacket and headed out.

Here is where things got a slight bit complicated.

See, I have never owned a garter dress – nor have I ever owned a garter belt. Thus it follows that I do not own stockings that would be paired with such a fine acquirement. For some reason my brain never processed the idea that friction is greater than gravity and if I didn’t have stockings to hold my garter dress down it would decide to ride up and sit somewhere around my waist.

Which is where I pried it down from when I reached the dentist office.

So now I need to order myself some stockings! I have never had success with stockings as my calves are thick and my thighs are enormous and so I avoid trying to find things that fit that part of my body. But I am dying to take my garter dress out on the town and thus I need some anti-gravity hose to help me along the way. It is funny how lingerie teaches you about science. 😀

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