Marked by Tatu Couture

lilOne of my New Years Resolutions this year was to reduce spending and to save money. I am a full-time student and only work a small part time job that affords me a little spending money. Thank goodness for a husband that supports my regular existence. So I have a budget.

The difficulty with budgets is that all the sales in lingerie (which is my passion) seem to occur at the same time. In the same month. Most often… in the same week. So this month I have already bought a lovely robe and a most gorgeous corset (both which I will review later). But this post is about the company I won’t be buying from – Tatu Couture.

This post really is a dedication to this wonderful and innovative and amazing company that has captured my imagination and has also captured the spirit of lingerie and of tattoos. I truly have wanted a piece for so long. So though I will not be buying a piece of their version of heaven, let me tell you about Tatu Couture through my eyes – why I love this company and rank it among my top 5 favourites:

  1. This company is unique. They are doing something completely different and thinking outside the box.
  2. Tattoos and lingerie are both intimate. One is part of your skin and the other rests on your skin. Both are so close to our bodies – they are a part of us. Tatu Couture marries these intimacies.
  3. They work with illusion. Drape a sheer shirt over one of their bodies and give the illusion of a fresh tattoo.
  4. There is a mystery and a mystique. You can be who you want to be and that can change as often as your lingerie. Nothing is permanent.

I WILL be buying from this company in the future. I will hide away a little nest of money and make sure that the next time they have a sale I have the budget for it. Because their sale prices are amazing. Sure the British Pound to the Canadian dollar is not the prettiest of exchanges… but these are good discounts.

I must mention my favourite piece of the entire sale – the Lili High Waisted Brief. I like to consider myself a water-baby as I love to swim – so the use of the water-lily just makes my heart melt. One day that might just be on my backside!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    The second paragraph says you won’t be shopping at Tatu Couture while the remaining blog raves about it, placing it in the top Five….must be typo.


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