Uptight about Tights

ti1I love tights, leggings, socks, etc! Anything with a gorgeous pattern and that goes on my legs makes me feel like a queen. I have seven unopened lovely packages of the most lovely tights sitting in my shoe box right now. Therein is the problem. I love tights. I imagine every day how they would look on my legs and how they would make me feel.

But I am afraid of them.

Not of them per-say – but rather I am afraid of wrecking them. Of ruining them. Of a nail getting caught on them. Of my shoe rubbing a small hole into them. Of my beautiful expensive tights going in the garbage after only a few wears.

Did I mention expensive? Yes. Expensive.

t2I have expensive taste. My husband can attest to that. I picked up several of my absolute favourites on a trip to France. Sure it was during a sale – but most of you will know that Chantal Thomass, etc do not come cheap (this I mention as I look at the 40 Euro price tag on the back). I mention Chantal Thomass because that pair is my favourite. They are my holy grail of pantyhose – the ones I look at longingly the longest and drool over the most. Sure the others are gorgeous too… if they weren’t I wouldn’t own them.

I am scared of my pantyhose.

Not because of how I will look in them but because I don’t want to risk damaging something so beautiful by using it. And somehow today I realized that this is really silly. While they are sitting in my sock box looking pretty – my legs are braving the elements looking pasty white.

This month I will be opening one package of tights. My Happy Socks Microfiber Tights (50 DEN). And I am going to wear them. However, first I will clip my nails and shave my legs and put on lotion and probably worry.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. STK says:

    I feel you! But I realized that hoarding oretty stuff without wearing them was meaningless.
    That’s why I keep a clear nail polish handy 😉


    1. Avigayil says:

      I keep on meaning to get a bottle of that… XD


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