A Letter to Dear Kate

Lingerie has been flying in the door since Black Friday, and I have yet to mention half of it! But today is dedicated to a very important purchase I made. Since the company’s name reminds me of the ancient form of letter writing, my review shall be in the form of a letter as well.

Dear Kate,

I buy lingerie for many reasons. To make myself feel better, to learn to enjoy my own body, because it is pretty, because I feel good wearing it, and because I have a certain obsession with anything that close to my skin that looks that damn good.

There is one time of the month though where I feel trapped in my own underwear. All women know this time of the month. where the adhesive from a pad can rip through a pair of delicate underwear or a slightly leaky tampon can dye your racy lacy undies red. Then there is the pain – the gnawing, aching pain that crawls up your body or the fierce fiery lightning bolts.The point is: I don’t feel pretty – and anything pretty I wear either gets ruined or I live in constant paranoia it will be ruined at any moment.

Then, Dear Kate, you entered my life.

A month ago I splurged on a pair of your MS Moxie Hipster undies. Perhaps splurged is not the right word – but if you knew be better you would consider it a splurge. You offered me a $10 off coupon – and that was indeed bait. I usually only buy lingerie that is at least 30% off.

But you were worth it.

Last month I again had my period – except my usual nightmare pain was about twice as bad as usual. My husband had never seen worse in three years. For the first two days I couldn’t even insert the cup – and yet you kept me safe. You kept me secure. You kept me feeling pretty while I curled in the fetal position on my bed in nothing but my underwear – your underwear.

moxieThank you.

Yours most sincerely,

~ Avigayil ~

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