Seeing Dots @ SockBox

ssSockBox (since renamed Amorelle) got its start designing stockings, and they have branched off into lingerie the last few years. I recent found the company and immediately fell in love with dots. They have the most GORGEOUS black nude dot body suits, with matching stockings. I am a big fan of dots for some reason. I like the circular pattern, they are playful and remind me of the circus. One of my favourite bodysuits, shown to the left, is the Charming Greta. A mere 199 euros. I am also terribly smitten with Sweet Grace (shown below, middle). There are a few other dotty bodysuits in the collection as shown below. The stockings add an elegance to the dots, and the velvet texture works beautifully in my opinion. As we are playing with black and nude, instead of getting a clownish feeling, the palette caters more towards a playful but sensual experience.
My only issue with the collection is sizing really. A large in SockBox measurements equals a size 8 in terms of US sizing. The collection is out of Latvia, which might explain why the sizing doesn’t correspond well will what we would usually consider a large in the US or Canada. However, it means that if I am to get my hands on any piece, or pieces, of this collection: I need to loose some weight.


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